Build Construction Documents Using SketchUp Pro

Efficient Construction Documents in SketchUp Pro

  • Use the familiar and fun 3D SketchUp environment
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Compatible with metric and imperial scales
  • Flexible for any project type, new construction and renovation
  • Scaleable for any building size, residential and commercial
  • Eliminate difficult, expensive, feature bloated drafting programs
  • Save enormous amounts of money on yearly software expenses
  • Easy transition from 2D CAD to 3D BIM in SketchUp Pro
  • Get your team on the same page by working within the standards outlined in The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture”
  • Adhere to industry graphic standards with full control of line weights and dynamic hatches
  • Realize ultimate efficiency by linking the 3D design model to the 2D diagrams and construction documents
  • Communicate your design seamlessly to consultants using .dwg backgrounds

Convert your designs into construction documents today.

Save Time

Tired of answering detailed questions about a wall type just to start a project?!  The ConDoc Tools for SketchUp Pro allow you to get lines on paper right now!  Save time by working in SketchUp, a lightweight and fast 3d modeling tool.

Save Money

Save enormous amounts of money by eliminating over-priced, over-featured, drafting software from your workflow.  Only $149/year to maintain a ConDoc tools for SketchUp Pro subscription.

Keep it simple

Simplify the entire design process by keeping every phase of design in SketchUp Pro.  Don’t worry, you always have the flexibility to implement or abandon the entire system at any time.  Simply efficient!

SketchUp Standards

These tools are based on Michael Brightman’s book, “The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture”.  The tools included expedite many of the tedious organization and naming tasks outlined in the book.  (Click here to buy)  This book is the missing set of SketchUp standards for all designers to work within.  

Create Construction Documents Using SketchUp Pro 2014 Today!

 BD_ConDoc Tools Inverted

Construction Documents made with the ConDoc Tools for Sketchup Pro 2014

As a longtime user of Sketchup I’ve found this book very helpful especially for Layout which I’m just now learning. Many little tips and tricks that save time and effort. I’m currently well along on my first CDs done with Layout 2013 and getting to the point where it feels like second nature and smooth sailing.

— Robert Bissett

There are precious few books that cover Layout and none that I know of that connect the entire process from building a proper sketchup template all the way through presenting one’s design in Layout to generating construction documents. This book is unique in this regard. More than unique, this book is clear using a sufficient number of examples, is comprehensive in scope, and remains concise.

—En. P. Junction

Create construction documents using SketchUp Pro 2014 today!

 BD_ConDoc Tools Inverted